We’re Done Here: Time for a Verdict

I lied. I told you it was seven (7) and it’s only six (6). So we’re done here.

Actually, I didn’t lie. I just didn’t know.

I had a seventh one lined up. Until last Thursday, I believed there would be seven. Then I started working with the seventh one and NO just no.

It’s bad.

It was my first real attempt at writing a novel, I mean, as an adult. It was the first time I wrote something down and thought, “This is going to be a novel. I’m going to make this into a novel.”

It’s painful.

It opens with a nightmare. A bloody nightmare with no real emotional content.

It proceeds almost immediately into a memory. A boring memory.

It’s trite and melodramatic.

I’m embarrassed that I actually shared it with someone once. Amazing he didn’t tell me to just quit now (thank you, Thomas).

I still like the concept. The idea was to write the story of the prostitute who washes Jesus’s feet in her tears. She gets like three lines in the Bible, and I want to know more. What it was like being a prostitute in New Testament times, how she came to be one. I want to know how it felt when the homeowner told her she was unworthy even to touch Jesus’s feet, and then what she did when Jesus praised her above the homeowner. What happened to her afterward. The story was going to be gritty and real and deep.

I did a ton of research for it. Maybe I’ll write it some day. But not now. What I have so far is too awful and I don’t feel like messing with it to make it un-embarrassing.

Important Point:

Someday I will be a successful novelist. Because I want it and I’m willing to pay in sweat and tears* for it. And once upon a time I was AWFUL. Let that be a lesson to all aspiring writers.

And when I’m a successful, published, independently wealthy author, maybe I’ll publish some of my awfulness so you can see. For now, though, you really don’t need to know.

SO. It’s verdict time. Your instructions.

  1. This is the participation portion of the game. HUGE thanks to everyone who has participated so far. If you haven’t and you want to, now is the time to step up.
  2. Leave a comment here, on this entry, telling me which of the seven six stories you are most interested in reading as a complete work, and why.

That’s it. So simple. The winning story will be chosen as follows:

  1. 10 points for being popularly chosen by participants
  2. 10 points for receiving the most interesting/compelling vote
  3. 80 points for being the one I generally feel most excited about when it’s time to get started

Your vote counts! But only because it will probably have an impact on how I feel!

Seriously, your voice does count. I love all of these story ideas, and want your input.

Oh, and you can read all six by scrolling backwards from the home page or clicking through on their titles here:

The Visitation

The Girl in the Goblin Tower

The Summer I Met Mercy

The Red Girl

Relief: A Place to Back Up (also known as Relief: A Title that Doesn’t Start with “The”)

Slave Chip

Let’s begin! And thank you, truly.

*maybe even in blood. A little blood. Like maybe a pinprick or something. But I’d rather pay in sweat. Or maybe cash if I had any. Wait. Can I pay in rotten apple cores pulled out from under my son’s dresser?

7 thoughts on “We’re Done Here: Time for a Verdict

  1. Oh God, most interesting vote? That’s way too much pressure.

    I’m pretty solidified in liking the Slave Chip concept best. In fact I was telling a friend about what a good concept it was, that’s how good of a concept I think it is. I think I like that one best for two reasons: (1) I just do and (2) I’m kind of interested to see how you would negotiate your way through inherent difficulties in her not having free will.

    It’s good you weight your opinion so heavily because that’s what matters the most!

    • Thanks, Jaimie! I’m pretty excited about the concept too. And now I’m going to let you in on my dirty little secret: Originally, this was back story for a character I was playing in a MMO. Yes, I write stories for my gaming characters. Total dweeb. ROFL.

      Then it kind of grew on me. I rewrote bits of it to be less obviously a rip-off, and it’s exciting to hear that the concept is compelling in its own right.

      Thank you so much for your thoughts & comments throughout this process. It’s been a blast. Tomorrow I go back to my main WIP with feedback from my alpha reader (Carey). Then it will be going out to beta (that’s you and a couple others if the timing is right & you’re willing), and while it’s in beta I’ll get to work on one of these stories… of course I’ll keep you all updated on which one.

      Thanks again so VERY much!

  2. I know how you feel about old writing. I did the same thing–as you probably know since I wrote about it in a comic. But I have excerpts from the first novel I wrote (when I was 14) on my website. Just to show people that oh, look, I was terrible once too, and now I have representation and am on submission to the largest publishers in the world. Huzzah!

    (Would sound a little cooler if I’d actually GOTTEN a contract from one of them already, but meh.)

    I vote for Slave Chip. I would like to see what happens with a character whose wants and thoughts are manipulated the way you described, because I found it compelling, especially since it was in first person.

      • Whoa, how cool that you and Jaimie went for the same concept. That’s pretty compelling to me. Thank you so much.

        I love that you publish some of the your “terrible” stuff, and yes, it’s very motivating. No matter that your novels are not published yet–you will be.

        Thanks so much for going through this process with me. It’s been a blast, and especially because of the helpful ongoing feedback from you and Jaimie. I’m really hoping you’re going to be available to beta my WIP when it’s ready, because you’ve shown yourself to be an incredibly valuable critter.

        I’m certainly leaning toward Slave Chip, based on this feedback and on the fact that it hits some of my personal hot buttons: Slavery being chief among them.

        I’ll let you guys know for sure when I get started (which will be after a round of edits on my current WIP, while it’s out at beta).

        Thanks again for your thoughts & feedback. You guys really made it fun and valuable.

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