We Are Not Pretending

Remember when I realized the book needed some changes, but we were pretending that they were minor? We are not pretending any more. This has gotten real, y’all. We are all the way down deep in #4.


This morning I realized it’s not just the last part that needs rearranging, it’s the whole thing. My book is a mess. I am a mess. (So is my house but whatever.)

On the bright side, I’m learning a lot about maintaining and building tension. The sort of thing you only learn by studying and applying, then studying more and applying more. Well, the sort of thing *I* only learn that way. Maybe other people are born knowing. I don’t know.

It’s messy and chaotic but I’m learning.

Sorta like life, you know? You figure out you’ve screwed something up, and you try again. And you keep trying and you keep learning and it’s messy and chaotic and it seems like you’ll never get there and you won’t. You won’t ever get “there.” The only thing you’ll ever get to is “here.” So you may as well enjoy it and learn something as you go.

And now I’ll expand on that idea, draw it out, present a catchy little story that illustrates the point and wrap it all up in a nice tidy bow.

Frig it. No I won’t. I don’t want to write in my blog right now. I want to work on my book. I want to rearrange some chapters, rewrite a couple others, add some details in a couple places and give one of the minor characters a bigger role to play. I think maybe I can sort of see what needs to happen for this to work right.

#5 here I come.

“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” James Joyce

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