Thirty-three Percent

2013-8-1 Manuscript


The top pile is the revised portion of my manuscript, with the un-revised (but correctly ordered) portion below. It’s almost exactly 33% of the way (through this round).

What does this feel like. It feels like when I turned ten and a family friend asked, “What does it feel like to be 10?” About the same.

The break, though, that made a difference. I feel fresher. More patient. I realize now how the frenzy that had overtaken me was working against me. I’m back to being okay with this thing taking me another year or however long to finish, which is a healthier approach, both for me and for the manuscript.

I’m okay with no feedback on it for a while.

I’m okay with just slogging.

While I do that, please entertain yourself with yesterday’s New York Times. No, really. Seriously, read that link. It’s about how much I love Stephen King how I want to be Stephen King’s child how much Stephen King rocks how Stephen King screwed his kids up royally but at least they’re good writers now. I’ve started making the kids tell me bedtime stories.

3 thoughts on “Thirty-three Percent

    • :) I was just thinking… I’d better check in over at WFW. I haven’t been posting because I decided to focus on spending quality quiet morning time with Carey and, sadly, despite all my objections to the contrary, the days HAVE REFUSED TO GET LONGER. The novel continues. One hour a day. Except today. Because a friend needed me last night and three hours of sleep is not a good way for me to start a busy week.

      I’m on page 89 of 223 pages. I’ve pruned the whole thing down to 80k words (from a high of 95). It’ll probably drop again and then go up again, as the climax needs a lot added and a better denouement. Still thinking 85k range, but maybe lower… which would be good.

      I’ll post something soon, just to check in and let everyone know why the slow-down. I am backing down out of manic mode into patient mode, which is healthier. I’m fortunate that manic is not generally followed by depressive for me, so I won’t be disappearing altogether. Just slowing down.

      Thanks for checking in. It means a lot to me to know you care about my posts. :)

      • It’s nice knowing I’m not alone! I like how you have a working knowledge of bipolar disorder and presumed I had one as well and quickly clarified that you didn’t have bipolar disorder. I like this in the “assume your readership is smart” way.

        Okay, I’m going to blog, and then I’m going to answer your comment. <– plan

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