Why I’m Not Writing

I want to write to you. I do, I do. And I will. Not right now. Here are some of my reasons excuses:

  1. I just got back from YALLFest in Charleston and it was freaking awesome (this is also a reason I want to write to you)
  2. Where in addition to meeting some much-loved authors and having some much-wonderful things happen I also spent one night crying for two hours because of new developments related to #4
  3. Before that, I spent a day frantically trying to complete all of the things I hadn’t been doing for two weeks because
  4. Before that I spent a week in California where my grandma is very ill and was going into hospice care, where she still is and I’m really really really really super sad about it and probably going back soon
  5. And while doing that I was also delivering on a client project
  6. And before that I was, well, before that I was writing to you about faith and fiction even though I was super busy then too and now I’m just as busy as I was then PLUS all the things ALL THE THINGS I didn’t do the past two weeks while my world was simultaneously delightfully wonderful and falling apart because losing Grandma is gonna be/is hard hard hard.

So that’s that. I’ll write sometime when making the money that pays the bills depends less on my ability to finish the next twenty things on my list.

OH, just so you know. I AM working on my book. Got a fire lit under me for that. Will talk more when I have more time…