The Only Way Through is Through

“All roads to success, you gotta go through pain. You gotta go through the road of pain, baby. (Yeah) You keep talking about mistakes (uh-huh), you keep talking about the past (oh yeah), you keep talking about your trials (that’s right)… I want you to know that everybody that’s ever been great, everybody, has had an obstacle to overcome (truth!)… listen to me very close, sometimes it’s going to be hard (AMEN), you’re going to look all around you and nowhere do you see success (ain’t that right), nowhere do you see anything that remotely looks like success (SO true). But you gotta embrace the fact, you gotta believe that all that’s happening right now, if you keep pressing, if you keep pushing, guess what? One day, it’s gonna be your day. You gotta look around you at nothing that looks like success and you gotta believe that one day it’s going to be MY day, but one day can’t be your day if you give up, if you quit, no day will ever be your day.”

I wish I’d had that video when I was getting started as an entrepreneur. Maybe it would have stopped me. Maybe it would have inspired me. Maybe it would have helped me all those many times that I was going to quit, get a job, turn in the towel and trade my time, my one wild and precious life, for a salary and benefits.

Maybe it wouldn’t have changed anything. I have a little secret. I’ve thought of quitting over and over and over again. One time, I went so far as to consult with my coach to build a plan for re-entering the full time work force. I had emails drawn up and ready to send to clients and my network, announcing my decision and positioning myself to become a job seeker.

And every time I’ve hit one of those moments, something has stopped me. The time described above, it was a completely unexpected check from a prior client who explained it was the deposit on a new retainer and I knew–I KNEW–it wasn’t time to stop. That it was a sign from the universe to keep going, to go. Thank you, universe. And HA. You know who you are.

And it’s never been easy, not yet. It’s been painful. I have walked through so much pain and sometimes I’ve looked around and what I’ve seen was nothing like success, nothing in sight that looked like success. And I don’t know that I’ve believed, but something in me must have believed, that someday would be my day.

I can taste it now. I think it’s coming. I can feel that day coming, so close it’s breathing on me. Or maybe it’s just a moment for me to take a breath before more pain.

No matter. The only way to success is through. And so I will carry on.