So The Book Is Done

This happened the day after Christmas, but I had a crappy internet connection so it didn’t get posted. And then I got busy.

It came out at 77,000 words (roughly) and is now out at beta. Positive response so far. So that’s good.

And now I’m working on my query letter, and researching agents, and then I realize: I can’t actually do anything else right now. I’m awaiting feedback. Until then… nothing else to do.

(I wrote this several days ago and then didn’t post because… I don’t know. Here it is. I’m not even going to finish it

3 thoughts on “So The Book Is Done

    • YES. Actually, I have started that now. I’m about 8,000 words in, although they’re not real words. It’s mostly back story so far, in fact. I’m finding it harder to dive into the actual characters in this one–in order to make that cardboard main character real, I’m having to tell myself lots of stories about her childhood. Although I have written two or three scenes I think will make it into the book. One of them you would enjoy, I think. She falls in love with someone whom she shouldn’t (of course–it’s YA romance, after all) and I *think* you’ll approve of the match-up. I’ve written one really fun scene toward that end. That’s all I’m gonna say. ;)

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