Not Writing, Not Updating, Not Sure Why I’m Posting


I have not written in my book in weeks.


I don’t know what to tell you. There’s the fact that our house filled up with people–two separate friends who needed a place to stay are now more-or-less long-term residents in our home. We love them and love having them here, and their moving here also created upheaval. There are other things going on causing upheaval too that will be revealed in time (ahem we might be moving soon).

There’s the fact that my son brought home a newborn piglet who required around-the-clock nearly non-stop care and then died, prompting emergency vet visits and midday funerals and sadness.

There’s the fact that my other blog went mildly viral recently and so I had to spend all this time watching my stats skyrocket over there. Important work.

And the fact that my husband has become a performer and there are performances to attend, and childcare shifts to cover.

And the fact that my business is sucking up about ten hours a day.

All of which is to say that I haven’t been writing because I am making BULLSHIT excuses.

I’m not finding an hour a day to write because I’m not.

Tomorrow. I will begin again tomorrow.

Besides, YALLFest is Nov 9 and I will have SOMETHING to show. Maybe. I hope to meet Lev Grossman there finally. Get a book or two signed. Maybe meet an agent. Anyway. Maybe I’ll have a presentable draft? Odds are… crap. It won’t have been beta’d.

Anyway. Hi. Sorry for not updating in forever. Thank you for your patience. We now return to our regular programming.

Me and books

(Those books in the background? Were written by people who did not let bullshit excuses stop them from writing. None of them was me.)

5 thoughts on “Not Writing, Not Updating, Not Sure Why I’m Posting

    • :) I’m jealous of me too. Having a minor anxiety attack realizing: I need an elevator pitch. And a query letter! And a finished manuscript (not gonna happen)! A synopsis!

      By Nov 9!

      Also, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have absolutely nothing to say when I’m finally facing Lev Grossman and so I’m going to say something stupid like, “You write really good. I love you.”

      See, I can’t even say stupid things right.

      Heaven help me.

      • Oh, I know what you mean about having nothing to say to the idols. My friend met and flirted with Brent Spiner (Star Trek, Data) at a theatre event recently. He’s a Houstonian. Like, they flirted-flirted. Because she’s ridiculously witty like that, and of course, so is he. I WOULD HAVE BEEN A PUDDLE.


        Anyway, with Lev I would be less nervous. Honestly I feel so chill about him that I was thinking about saying, “Hey, wanna grab coffee?” because I’m going to be in NYC next week. However I don’t have his email and I’d hate to do that on his blog. Also, let’s be honest, even if I did have his email this is slightly pushing it. But I thought about it for a day or two! That’s huge.

        Seriously, he knows you and likes you from your blog comments. He’ll be happy to see you. You’ll be a bright spot in a long line of I’ve-never-heard-of-yous.

        About the MS. They like having a completed one, but you can easily say that you’re still fixing it up and it’ll be X weeks. I said that to an agent and she said to just send three chapters whenever I was ready. If they want it they want it.

        You don’t need a synopsis. That’s usually for editors. The elevator pitch is something you write in 30 seconds after you’ve hammered out your query letter, because the query letter does the hardest work.

        • THANK YOU. This is seriously helpful. I’ve been so immersed in writing (and not writing) that I have hardly begun trying to understand the whole process of querying etc.

          And yeah, I think I’ll be fine when I meet him. I really like people, and they usually like me (probably because I like them), so I’m looking forward to it.

          Still, though. The pitch. I mean yeah, I’ll be in person, but I’ve got to have something better than, “Uh, um, well, it’s about these kids that uh,” to say, right?

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