My Other Blogs

Curiosity Cat, my first ever blog, still active. About homeschooling three boys, and raising chickens, ducks, and quail in our backyard. Also funny.

Contemplative Cat, my second ever blog, where I worked out some pretty deep stuff and wrote some things that a lot of folks said they were inspired by. Which of course made my day. No longer very active, but the essays are still there.

Heather Head Central, my personal hub where you can find links to all kinds of things having to do with me, as well as more information about me, etc. It’s also where I make sure that Google searches for “Heather Head” mostly turn up me and not some other Heather Head. I don’t have a competitive streak. Yes I do.

Scopcity: Content that Connects, my company’s blog, where I curate content and write about life at the intersection of business, marketing, and writing.

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