My Mind Turns to Query Letters

I edited/revised four pages of my WIP this morning. Yay, me! Sadly, at this pace, it will be another 2 months TWO MONTHS before I have a draft ready for beta.

When I began in May, I was delighted at how quickly the work went. Walking around the lake, my usual thinking place, I calculated obsessively how long until my book was done. At 1,000 words a day, a 50,000 word novel would be complete in just over a month. Amazing. I was so fast! So efficient! I could write 12 novels in a year in an hour a day! I was amazing!

95,000 words and 5 months later…

Revising the first draft took longer than writing it.

Now I’m editing, at approximately four pages a day (there are 237 total).

Then there will be beta readers.

Then more revisions.

Then query letters, elevator pitches, agent research.

If I’m lucky enough to get an agent, next is agent-requested edits.

Then, if I’m lucky enough to get a publisher, publisher-requested edits.

The next time you meet a published author, bow down and kiss the ground because now you know.

Anyway, my mind has turned to query letters because although I’m still revising/editing, I’ll be meeting authors and agents in my genre at YALLFest, so… yeah.

(I also ordered a stack of books last night because Must Read Books by the authors I’ll be meeting.)

Now, for the useful stuff. Here’s a sample query that, reportedly, garnered a lot of agent attention.

And here’s where you go when you are sure your query letter rocks, to have it torn to pieces and trampled on.

I don’t have any pictures of query letters so here’s a cute kitten.

That's why she's so happy.

This kitten is not writing a novel.
(Photo courtesy

2 thoughts on “My Mind Turns to Query Letters

  1. You’ve got support and helpers when you’re ready to play the game! I’m all about helping with queries. :) I wouldn’t say I’m an expert–I’ve critiqued relatively few of them next to some of the big names in the query biz–but I must at least sort of know what I’m doing if I got signed twice. :D It’s not as scary or overwhelming when you have helpers.

    • Julie, thank you! I really appreciate that. I’m not scared so much as overwhelmed. Knowing that once it’s “done,” it will get torn to pieces (which I want for it) and then I get to put it back together again and again until I get it to be good… I am so grateful that I have people willing to do that for me, though, because I know it will be more successful for it.

      I’m thrilled that you’re willing to help me with it–thank you!

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