Letting Go

[No photo attached because I'm not a visual person and I just don't see the point or because I'm lazy or both]

The work is going faster than I expected. I’m now thirty-one pages from the end. It’s a sweet, sweet feeling.

I’ll make good use of my holiday time, though. There’s plenty of smoothing I want to do even when this round of revisions is done–especially in the last few chapters, which were harder to write and are rougher than the earlier parts. There are some Easter eggs I want to drop in too, as well as some foreshadowing to add. Weather needs adjusting and probably some mood-building to be done.

The list goes on and on and I’m faced with the problem of knowing, at some point, I’ve got to let go. It’s hard.

Regardless. At the end of next week, one week from today, I will let go. That is the plan. Whatever state it’s in, that’s when I will let go. Send my baby out into the universe. Or at least out to my beta readers.

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