I Suck, Say My Characters to Me

We are never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever going to finish this book. Despite my jubilation yesterday, it is never going to happen.

We added a new chapter today. Yes, “we.” Remember–me and the characters. I was going to say “my” characters but they’re their own now. I just built the bridge that brought them here.

So Semantha (she’s the cave city girl, in case you don’t know) pointed out that there’s this gaping hole between what happens to her in captivity and when we next see her in glorious battle. I explained, gently, that I patched the climax together the first time, then had to rip it apart and re-stitch it the second time, and then figure out a denouement. I know it’s rough, I said. But I’m doing my best.

Well, you’re doing it wrong, she says, and rolls her eyes. Just stop. Give me the keyboard. Yeah, thanks.

So now the book is three pages longer. And we’re ten pages further back in it.

Semantha’s new chapter probably needs editing, too. (Ya think? Says Semantha. I’m only fifteen. You’re the writer, and it’s still better than what you did. So edit it, then.)

We are never going to be done.


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