First to Last in A Single Cycle?

Here is the best thing I’ve seen recently, in terms of solid practical advice for revising a novel. And also the worst:

From First Draft to Last in One Cycle

Some of the techniques in the “Part One-Discovery” section seem particularly useful: Writing a one-line story arc, finding and listing the themes. Her systematic approach, from major changes to minor, is good sense. And she doesn’t really leave anything out. Very handy guide.

But really. All in one pass? Insanity.

I get the point of limiting it, not getting bogged down. And to me, trying to do ALL THAT in a single pass would totally bog me down.

What about you? How many revision cycles do you go through? Anything in that article you are already doing? Anything new you plan to implement?

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True Happiness

(From So You Write by Swankivy. Click to see more.)

I cried today. A lot. Something heart-wrenching happened to several of my characters. I cried so hard I thought Carey was going to wake up and ask me what was wrong, but he didn’t. Ah, yeah. It’s shaping up to be a really good day.

(When you read that link–it’s from Scientific American–substitute “writing” for “cutting your arm with a knife,” because it’s essentially the same thing).

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