Cutting. Fighting. Breaking. That’s how I’m starting to title all my blog entries.

It’s possible I’m a little stressed.

The doctor has prescribed two weeks in Hawaii. Ha. Ha.

I am prescribing one week break from my book.

I wouldn’t have the strength to do it were I not also convinced that it will make it a better book. I know that there is a time for distance, and now is that time.

My main character needs work. My subconscious needs time. My body needs sleep.

I’ve been working on my novel every single morning (minus two) for at least one hour (often more) since May 1. That’s very nearly 90 days straight. Taking a break.

I’m skipping out on the blog, too, unless I see something I just can’t not post. This is perhaps the hardest bit, because the blog provides instant gratification. Stats! Comments! People paying attention to me!

I need a break from that too.

A part of me, the manic part, is terrified that if I take this time off, I won’t go back. That this is the beginning of the end. Telling you this publicly, announcing my intent, is my way of soothing Manic Me. No, no, dear. I will be back. I will. This is all part of the plan.

One week from today. I will be here, on this blog, announcing my return. And my book will be one hour closer to completion.

In the meantime, I’m going to be spending more time like my son here:

Monty asleep

I’m going to take care of myself.

Maybe I’ll get a manicure. (I couldn’t say that with a straight face to my husband but I can pull it off here. Probably still won’t happen. Not really my bag. Maybe a massage though. Yeah. Maybe a massage).

Ciao for now. See ya on the other side.

6 thoughts on “Breaking

  1. That’s good–it’s smart to realize when you need a vacation from your own ambition and drive. If you do have trouble getting back into it when you get back, I recommend reading other writers’ blogs and hanging out at Absolute Write. It will entertain you and keep you connected if you aren’t ready to go back, and it will inspire you to go back if you are ready. :)

  2. Ha! Heather not write? No worries about that. There are few people who are as prolific as she is.

    When you stop driving yourself, Heather, you will refresh and return with a clearer, healthier perspective.

    Enjoy your well-deserved rest!

  3. I used to do the same things when I took breaks. Well, I guess I still do. (Freak out that I won’t go back, I mean.) Now it’s added with, “Of course you’ll go back; you want to kill yourself if you’re not writing,” and then there’s that crisis to deal with on top of the writing crisis. Thanks brain! At the moment I’m extending the ending to this fan-fic for as long as possible so as not to deal with the fact that I have NOTHING to write next. I’m in the limbo where my need to write is making me not able to write very much… so that there’s always more…


    You’ll come back to your MS with such clarity. It will be good.

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